Amy diener

“FRom the inside” group exhibition

AMY DIENER (New York), is an international contemporary artist specializing in vibrant mandala dot paintings. After receiving a degree in art education in New York, Diener moved to the lively city of Bangkok where she lives now. Diener has showcased her paintings in the United States, Thailand, Singapore, and Germany.

In my most recent body of work, I have produced paintings made of many meticulous dots, some magically dripping on the edges. The process serves as a mindfulness painting practice, which is engaged through focused repetition and concentration.

I am generally a very enthusiastic and quirky individual, bouncing from one concept to the next. The process of painting dot mandalas quiets and stills my over-active brain. I am fully present in the moment, feeling a cognitive and emotional release during the process. The focused intention on my body gives my mind a space to be. I achieve a liminal state, a pause or space in between. I let go of my psyche resulting in peace and relaxation. In this calm state, I have the ability to control my own emotions, behaviors, and actions. I feel a connection to my interior and exterior world: the self and the harmonic cosmological world. After the process, I take a step back, gaining new perspectives and new ways of perceiving existence. The result of the process is a sense of self-awareness, confidence, and acceptance.

My latest paintings are inspired by my travel experiences to New Zealand. I was excited by New Zealand’s colorful landscapes. I was struck by the sublime, vibrant flowers and surrounding backgrounds: vivacious purples and pinks of the lupin flowers, the calming warm hues of the hydrangea flowers, the stark red of the Pohutakawa trees, and the green fields and aqua waters.

My intention is to create positivity and pleasure through the juxtaposition of energetic and calming color combinations. I am interested in how the selected color combinations can affect sensory and psychological perceptions. I hope that the colorful dots encourage viewers to pause and mesmerize, and enchant their minds and bodies.