Kiattisak Rungrattanapattana - “ORIGIN CHAOS” Group Exhibition

Most people can’t explain what it really is. Its slippery, slimy, and gooey texture is what people recognize. It’s permeating and multiplying into a peculiar shape and often appears in a form of light, color and sound, especially synthetic sound. Jazz, Soul and Hip-hop are its favorite. It’s excited and aroused by those tunes, which is a symbolic language similar to Cuneiform script invented by the Sumerians. Based on the report, its origin is still unknown. Many have seen it all over the world. Perhaps it escapes from a secret laboratory on an unidentified island or it might be ancient cells that melted from iceberg in the South Pole. It can even be the US’s chemical weapon during its experimental stage. Or it might come from another planet or another dimension. Some even believe that it comes from the End of the World Prediction or perhaps it mutates from Genetically Modified process. Some claim that it’s part of a movie marketing campaign. No matter what anyone will say, its exact goal is still a mystery but for now it’s known as chaos cells