Passionate with natural rocks, Passara Chongtaveetham (Bell) begins to collect a variety of beautiful mineral and stones combined with her interest in religion and philosophy. This helps form the work under the name “Image” between human and minerals. Gemstones and pebbles consist of mineral varieties that are divided based on level of durability. More durable minerals are considered valuable or gems. Even though gems are quite resistant to scratch, we keep them in a padded gem box to secure them from damage. While common pebbles are less durable than gems, we leave them on the ground either to decorate a garden or to be stepped on just because of their abundance and accessibility. Pebbles have no streaks or striking color so they have no value. However, for natural resource, these pebbles are tremendously crucial to the ecosystem since what is inside them is minerals that are beneficial to water, soil and trees and they help cleanse water resources as well.

The artist compares the significance of each type of rocks to that of elites whom we honor or who are a privileged kind. Although common people have the same potential to improve society and organization as the elites, without fame and social recognition, they don’t have the same opportunity as they do.