Pavanarani Verma


Pavanarani Verma, Thai-Indian artist from Singapore, has always been enraptured by the cycle of life and its relationship with the Ultimate Source of the Universe. Intrigued by the message of Oneness, and the concept of duality as a mirage from various ancient philosophies such as Vedanta,Hinduism, and Buddhism, she has sought to explore the relationship between physical Nature and the spiritual Cosmos. Pavanarani has self-studied Ayurveda, Astronomy and Astrology, and the earth’s natural healing energies in the form of crystals in order to understand the qualities and power of Nature. Hence, Nature’s five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Ether/Air, are an integral part of her artistic creations. These become symbols that allow her to display the subtle associated qualities and emotions they invoke in the foreground of her work.

The process of creating art allows her to transcend this physical experience and her conscious mind. It forces Pavanarani to plumb the depths of her Self to reach her core essence of being- the point of union between her Self and the Cosmos. This connection has granted Pavanarani new energy to create, using Nature and herself as the subject. Being open to this connection when creating art has proven to be a profound, rewarding and encouraging journey into her Internal Self. She seeks more opportunities to further this journey to know more facets of her Universal Self and its expressions through visual arts