penpansa thammanukul

“Journal journey” group exhibition

From the one who had no relation and interest in China, surprisingly within only 1 year Penpansa (Saisor) travelled to China for 4 times. The beginning of her journey starts from finding a diary of a trip from Jinghong to Hoi-An. Strongly inspired by it, she went on a solo traveler to follow the path of what she has read until she landed in China even though it was her first time going abroad by herself. During the journey, Penpansa learn and grow through challenges. With the help from the locals or even from the fellow travelers, she felt as if she was at home. This is by no means her most memorable moment from the journey and it also drives her to make more trips back to China. Every single day in China brought her great excitement. The lifestyle, culture and architecture there are much different from where she comes from, which prompts her to jot everything down in her journal. Her techniques include the charcoal drawing and Chinese ink art, which she applied on different types of paper that are only available in China. The moment painted in the paper is how she documents the memory for herself. The strokes from the Chinese paintbrush and other local materials are the best component to convey her story and memory. Most importantly, documenting everything on the canvas is her best reminder of what had happened there.