La Fête Solo Exhibition

La Fete. Celebration. It’s the act of marking an important event in your life. This can range from little events like feeling an unexpected emotion or being able to express yourself freely, to something much bigger. By the hands of Sylvia Ong with a genuine earnestness, La Fete serves as a reminder that there is much to be celebrated in the everyday.

Her work often begins as a single strand of thought, sparked from a conversation, a dream or a new experience. Then it transforms itself into a flowy piece, at every moment responding to life’s beautiful surprises. Rules are broken. Paths are changed halfway.

As a result, La Fete is not about reaching perfection. It’s about being true to oneself and celebrating what’s imperfect. The abstract and the creation of figures come together through a variety of bodily techniques that aren’t as refined or practiced. In this way, the pieces in this collection don’t seem carefully put-together as much as having just gravitated towards each other. It’s a natural occurrence from an artist who let’s go of control and goes with the flow.


Born in Kuala Lumpur, Sylvia Ong is a contemporary artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. She was a producer and director before abstract art charmed her into creating loose and free visualisations that blend her innermost feelings with the things around her. Experimenting with paint in layers, bold brush strokes, evocative lines and dripping on canvas, there is a sense of the intangible and the personal making its way onto the canvas, to be interpreted in its own way by the viewer’s eye. In her abrupt drawings of figures and expressive mark-making, one can discern the intensity of her feelings.

Largely influenced by her day-to-day experiences, Sylvia has learnt to appreciate the beauty of life’s surprises. It is this unexpectedness of life that projects itself into her work – some of her paintings might change forms or styles drastically in the middle of its creation, revealing a different story altogether. Casting away the rules has allowed her to create work that is beyond boundaries, capturing a raw fearlessness that is also delicate and feminine.

Sylvia’s journey as an artist is only beginning, and every piece of her work is part of her process of growing up as a professional and as a woman. She keeps herself ready for more discoveries, successes and even failures in her desire to express herself through art and make connections with the people around her.

Sylvia got her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National Arts Academy of Malaysia and currently works at her private studio in Bangkok.