teeratat namkaew

“The speaker shop” group exhibition 2019

Men are both “creator” and “destroyer”. We aim to evolve into a better being until we forget the most significant thing, which is our planet, nature, living things, and ecosystem that accommodate our way of life, are corrupted by men’s creation...

Natural condition is the best measurement of what we have done to the world and whether this is what it deserves. The world that is good enough for us to pass on to the younger generations or we, humans, embody a complete destructive force that ruins the world and leave it behind.

“No gravity” Group exhibition 2017

We, people, are evolving through social norm and tradition. The variety of factors such as love, happiness, fame, money and so on is essential to our way of life. We are so bombarded by the idea of consumerism that we have to struggle to fit in this mold that society has built to us as a hope to create harmony. In this way, we lose our inner sense of balance because we always have to battle with that idea as if this is where we are exposed to what is right and wrong simultanously. The way we differentiate between those two ideas makes us feel like we are slipping away and circling around in the world invented by people in society. I have formulated the world of imagination by making room for reality to coexist so this will be the place where we can reflect on ourselves similar to the way we have conversation with ourselves. This is the shelter and connection to our spiritual side so that we learn how to come to our senses and live in the present moment. I have communicated this message through surrealism artworks made in a more realistic sense by using different symbols that require semiotic interpretation of the event. They can be a means to search for the real meaning of our livelihood as an individual.