Thanakorn Siriraks (DEAN)

“no gravity” group exhibition

The stage of weightlessness is close to the space of action and feeling that are buried deeply within our mind. The outside world is under the restriction of reality. We need to learn how to accept what is going on the in the world. If we expect even only slightly that someone might understand this abstract idea, we are sure to be disappointed and deeply sorry. How the inner feelings are expressed on to a painting is not a way to release anger but it is how to manage those emotions. We can get to the core of the problems, then organize and create the balance between rational thought and feeling by ourselves. Now the way to cope with suffering is our responsibility and art’s as well. We do not have to ask anyone for help us and can live with others in harmony. I believe that the abstraction of our feeling exists but we just cannot feel it with our hands. We may need to find diverse reasons to identify or correct it. Yet how can we proceed to do this when logic and emotion are a complete polar opposite from each other? It is our accountability alone to create the balance. A grim of hope to find those who understand this might come around to harm us at the end. It will make us lost or even blind us of the way to the right path. Expectation can be a trap that we put out and walk into it ourselves. As clear as this is, it is rather difficult to manage the situation. Expectation and the absence of consciousness will continue endlessly. The polar opposite in our mind will motivate us to express this one way or another.